3 common myths about driving tests

The UK driving test has been in existence for over 80 years, this means there’s been a lot of time for myths surrounding the test to develop. These can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially before a test. To help fight your fear, we’ve set the record straight on these driving myths.

1.If You Stall the Car, You Will Fail

Stalling happens to absolutely everyone, both professionals and learners. Granted, there are worse places to stall than others, for example, at a roundabout. However, when you stall, the important thing is how you react and deal with it. Don’t panic as this can cause you to stall again. Take a deep breath, and start again. It’s very unlikely you will be failed on just the stalling of a car.

2.Driving Schools Make You Take More Lessons Than Needed

Of course not! It’s not actually in any school’s best interests to have lots of learners taking lots of lessons with no driving test day success. How would they have a proven successful track record? As a rough guide, you are ready to take your driving test if you can drive for an hour without the verbal assistance or aid of an instructor. However, your driving lessons and duration are all tailored to each individual. Remember it’s not a race and everyone is different.

3.The ‘Quota Myth’ – Only a Certain Number of Pupils Can Pass Per Week

This is untrue. The ‘quota myth’ has been around for a long time. Perhaps it originates with those who were embarrassed by failing their test and tried to come up with a convincing reason for family and friends. There’s no reason you won’t pass if you are up to driving test standard. The test isn’t meant to be easy, so work hard and practice! Driving examiners don’t fail you, you fail yourself.

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