Below is an actual test route used by the DSA for Mitcham test centre.

It’s a must to be able to pass your test, to master the areas of importance in and around Mitcham test centre.

There are many routes taken by the examiner. But We at Apex have access to ALL the routes.

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Areas of Importance

  • Town Centre

  • Thornton Heath / Norbury area

  • The 2 Large roundabouts in Shirley

  • All the Dual Carriageways

  • Beulah Hill and all routes on/off

  • Main traffic light controlled junctions of Mitcham and surrounding areas

Test Centre Route
Name of Practical Test Centre Mitcham
Type Of Test Route Car
Route Number 1

Glossary: EOR – End of Road, T/L – Traffic Lights
Please note that any route is subject to alteration at the discretion of the examiner.

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Name/Number of Road Direction
Portland Rd Left or right
Balfour Rd EOR left
Crowther Rd EOR right
Elborough Rd Mini roundabout left
Birchanger Rd Mini roundabout ahead, left
Enmore Rd Right
Howard Rd EOR left
Birchanger Rd EOR left
Spring Lane T/L right
Lower Addiscombe Rd T/L left
Shirley Rd Roundabout ahead, left
Valley Walk EOR right
Shirley Ave EOR left
Wickham Rd T/L left
Orchard Ave 3rd left
Tower View EOR left
Orchard Ave Right
Orchard Grove EOR left
Orchard Way / Ambleside Ave EOR right
Abbots Way EOR left
Upper Elmers End Rd Left towards Croydon
Croydon Rd / Long Lane T/L ahead, roundabout ahead, T/L right
Spring Lane T/L right
Portland Rd Into

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