Driving Lessons in Raynes Park

Apex Driving School brings you highly-affordable driving lessons in Raynes Park. Forget about those costly services that claim to bring you professional service as an added package. We are breaking those market practices to become a holistic institute for you.

We understand that learning how to drive can be an expensive endeavour. You are spending hard-earned money to acquire essential skills to operate a heavy vehicle like a car. Thus, you need an experienced driving instructor in Raynes Park. Someone who can understand your affinity and what are you good at. A custom approach of teaching that settles according to your needs would be most viable. However, countless driving schools would charge you a hefty sum for specialist services. But not us!

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    Our Approach To Driving Lessons In Raynes Park

    Indeed, every driving school would have some form of a specialised package designed for you. However, by default, we bring you a flexible way to get driving lessons. Our experts shift their teaching approach according to your learning capacity. Whether you’re a quick or slow learner wouldn’t be a determining factor anymore. If you want to take your time, you can do it with our low-cost services.

    We provide you with a trainer who will arrive wherever you want them to be from the get-go. It can be after class, or before the gym, anywhere, anytime between 6 AM to 9 PM. You can block our services according to blocks and distance, or choose the class schedule. Thus, you get flexible payment options and driving lessons in Raynes Park.


    • Manual lessons are £33 per hour individually, £165 for 5 or £320 for 10.
    • Automatic lessons are £34 per hour individually, £170 for 5 or £330 for 10.

    Our Services

    • Full hour given
    • Manual & Automatic

    • Intensive Courses

    • Pass Plus

    • Gift Vouchers

    • Motorway / Refresher Lessons

    • Pick up from Home / School / Work

    • Parking Lessons

    • Dual controlled cars

    • Instructor Training

    • Theory test tuition (free)

    • Student rates

    • Block booking discounts

    • Nervous pupils

    Our Team

    • Over 25 male & female instructors

    • Patient / Polite / Friendly

    • Local to you

    • High pass rate

    • Fully qualified

    • Reliable

    • Professional

    We Offer Specialist Services

    Like any other driving school in Raynes Park, we also offer the best driving Lesson Pricing to learn driving. However, these don’t impact the formal lessons or make them useless in any way. We bring you a Pass Plus Certification as additional and optional expertise you may opt for.

    You will still receive complete guidelines, learning materials, knowledge and practice if you choose the standard manual or automatic driving lessons in Raynes Park. However, with the pass plus course, you get a small bonus. For example, you will have an easier time handling different types of vehicles on various roads. You will have better practice at other times like day or night. It is a ‘value-added’ service that can expand your learning curve but won’t restrict the standard driving lessons.

    Therefore, even if you don’t choose Pass Plus, you will still emerge as a seasoned driver ready to ace the test with Apex Driving School.

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    Customer Testimonials

    My experience of Apex will always be remembered as a great one. My instructor was very informative and helpful. Especially helpful with great techniques on reversing.


    The office staff convinced me to stick with manual and gave me an instructor that was very good. I passed my test in January and have not looked back. Thank you Apex !!


    Apex came very highly recommended by all my friends at school. And I can see why. I failed with another school, but got it right second time around with Apex. Got a car now! The lessons didn’t stop there Apex help me be confident on Motorways too, after I passed.

    Dina from Carshalton

    We Have Everything Prepared!

    Apex Driving School is DSA Approved, ADI Approved, and DVSA Approved driving school in Raynes Park. We have properly licenced and experienced professionals from the local area to bring an authentic and comfortable learning experience. Our cars are well-maintained and insured to rectify any expense problem in case of accidental damage. We are affiliated with many test centres, and our Pass plus certification is highly recognised that can bring you an array of perks, including premium discounts.

    All of these benefits together make us among the best Driving School in Raynes.

    Meet Your Driving Instructor In Raynes Park

    At Apex Driving School, you can leave everything to our trusted professionals. We help you by covering both theory and practical application of the driving. Therefore, you will receive a thorough education to ace your driving test. What’s more? We have a compelling portfolio of thousands of satisfied students across our branches. Whether it’s a manual or automatic driving lesson, you can be assured of complete diligence from our side. Contact us today and get your instructor. Take a trial class and ride or start your driving lessons immediately!