Driving Lessons in Norbury

Here at Apex Driving School we have a number of driving instructors in the Norbury area allowing us to offer driving lessons by local instructors that know the Norbury area and the test routes an examiner will use when on your practical driving test.

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  • Manual lessons are £33 per hour individually, £165 for 5 or £320 for 10.
  • Automatic lessons are £34 per hour individually, £170 for 5 or £330 for 10.

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Test Centres in and around the area of Norbury

Please CLICK on any of the Test centres below to find out more about the test routes and view an ACTUAL test route taken straight from the D.S.A. website.

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Areas of Importance when taking driving lessons in Norbury

On your lessons in the Norbury area, your instructor will know which areas to take you depending on your ability and lesson plan for that day.
A Suitable area is required for each lesson plan to go to plan. For instants its no good doing your reversing lessons on a busy road, thus be unable to perform the exercise enough times to master it independently. Below are a small example of lesson plans and areas suitable in Norbury

Lesson Plan: Moving away and stopping
Your instructor will pick you up and ask you to read a number plate. Then show you the controls of the car. Once arriving at a suitable site, you will be taken through a procedure that makes moving off easy.

Lesson Plan: Junction 
When tackling junctions in Norbury it’s important to get the right procedure. Your instructor will have planned your lessons in advance. You will drive in areas of Norbury like the Americas estate and off Galpins roads, which are perfect for all the different types of junctions. Skills required are an knowledge of the M.S.P.S.L

Lesson Plan: Meeting Traffic 
Meeting traffic skills are essential on the Norbury area with the traffic and parked cars. Roads are narrow off the Norbury high street. Skills required are L.A.D.A, adequate clearance, steering, clutch control and mirrors.

Lesson Plan: Clutch control 
You have heard from friends that they stall slot during lessons. Apex will teach you in a way that will limit stalling. The biting point is a place you bring your clutch pedal up to, this is a point that your engine is engaged with the wheels. Your instructor will take you to places in Norbury that will enable you to learn this important subject. Norbury hill and nearby Beulah hill are perfect areas.

Lesson Plan: Pedestrian crossings 
Norbury high street has plenty of pedestrian crossing to practise on. You will be taught to check your mirrors, control your speed on approach, observe the crossing, know the law on the different types of crossings, understand the sequence of lights and be able to move off safely after. Norbury has various types of crossings from zebra to pelican.

Lesson Plan: Crossroads 
Defensive driving is key to safe driving in Norbury. A Crossroad may be just a junction with an extra road. You may well have priority but if you approach unaware of other road users and pedestrians you could have an accident regardless of who’s fault. The Americas estate in Norbury is a perfect place to master this.

There are many more places known to us for various exercises. There may well be occasions you need to be taken to another area for your test, for example Morden. All our Instructors are just as familiar in any areas to give you the best places to go to improve your chances of a first time pass!

Customer Testimonials

Only one word for my Apex experience “excellent”. Thank you for my driving freedom

Nathan from Norbury

My friend recommended Apex to me. I didn’t know any instructors in the Norbury area. I was very pleased with her recommendation as I passed my test 1st time. The examiner said I was the best he had seen that week.

Paula from Norbury

I cant thank Apex any more than I have. I was hopeless when coming from a different school. But my new instructor from Apex helped me to understand my faults. My test is in June and I feel very confident.

Mike from Norbury

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