Driving Lessons in Selsdon

Here at Apex Driving School we have a number of driving instructors in the Selsdon area allowing us to offer driving lessons by local instructors that know the Selsdon area and the test routes an examiner will use when on your practical driving test.

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  • Manual lessons are £33 per hour individually, £165 for 5 or £320 for 10.
  • Automatic lessons are £34 per hour individually, £170 for 5 or £330 for 10.

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Test Centres in and around the area of Selsdon

Please CLICK on any of the Test centres below to find out more about the test routes and view an ACTUAL test route taken straight from the D.S.A. website.

There are many routes taken by the examiner. But We at Apex have access to ALL the routes:
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Areas of Importance when taking driving lessons in Selsdon

On your lessons in the Selsdon area, your instructor will know which  areas to take you depending on your ability and lesson plan for that day. A Suitable area is required for each lesson plan to go to plan. For instants it’s no good doing your reversing lessons on a busy road, thus be unable to perform the exercise enough times to master it independently. Below are a small example of lesson plans and areas suitable in Selsdon

Lesson Plan: Moving away and stopping

In Selsdon there is no shortage of quiet roads to perform this exercise. Its important to understand the Prepare, Observe, Move (P.O.M). On your test you will be asked to park and move off at least seven times. Your instructor will teach this exercise in a clear and concise way so you won’t go wrong.

Lesson Plan: Meeting Traffic

In Selsdon Hill area there is many areas where there are parked cars narrowing the road, these areas are perfect for meeting traffic practice. This subject is one of the most difficult to grasp. Which mirrors to check when giving way and moving off again. Deciding if to give way or not. Deciding where to give way.

Lesson Plan: Clutch Control 

Clutch control is too important to put into words. You will be taken to areas with different gradients of hills such as Sanderstead hill or Gravel hill. To master clutch control you will have to combine your clutch pedal and gas pedal (Biting point!!)

Lesson Plan: Roundabouts 

There are many types of roundabouts, some are mini and some are very big. Some have two exits and some have up to six sometimes. So Signal procedure change constantly. Lane discipline can be confusing and non-uniform. Some are open and some are closed (can’t see). Our instructors will know the procedure to any roundabout you will ever come across.

Lesson Plan: Junctions – Emerging and Entering

Major roads and minor roads merge to make junctions. Crossroads, these need particular care as road users can come from any direction. To be able to approach junctions safely and correctly you will need to perform something called – Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed and Look.

Lesson Plan: Reversing exercises 

Reversing exercises needed the following skills that you would have enquired to be successful. Clutch control, observational skills, steering accuracy and brake control. Selsdon in general is fine for these exercises.
There are many more places known to us for various exercises. There may well be occasions you need to be taken to another area for your test, for example Morden. All our Instructors are just as familiar in any areas to give you the best places to go to
improve your chances of a first time pass!

Customer Testimonials

My Apex instructor was great. He knewall the test routes in Sutton. When I went to the test I remembered everything he told me about my route. It helped me so mush to pass first time. Thanks again for such a great experience

Maxim from Selsdon

my experience of Apex was wonderful. I started in march and passed by July. I learnt not just to pass my test , but to be a very safe driver. Thanks to Apex , I am a confident driver.

Robin from Selsdon

I needed my license quick and Apex helped me to Achive it. They found me a cancellation date that aS 2 months eRlier than I could find. Their tuition was high class. My instructor was never late.

Patrick from Selsdon

All the surrounding areas our Selsdon driving instructors cover are below:

We offer driving lessons in many areas in and around South London. The areas our driving instructors in Selsdon cover include:

Driving Lessons Addington, New Addington, Banstead, Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, Croydon, East Croydon, South Croydon,
Driving Lessons West Croydon, Hooley, Kenley, Kingswood, Purley, Sanderstead, Selsdon, Shirley, Smitham, Sutton, South Sutton, Driving Lessons West Sutton, Waddon, Wallington, Warlingham, Whyteleafe, Woodmansterne, Woodside.

Driving lessons are available in the Selsdon Post Codes below plus many more: