3 things to know before you take your test

The driving test; dreaded by almost every learner driver from the moment they begin their lessons right up until the day they hear that amazing news – you’ve passed! While the nerves are understandable, and in some way unavoidable, there are some things you need to know that will hopefully calm some of those smaller worries. Sweating over the little things make the whole experience seem scarier than it is, so take a look at these three things you need to know before taking your test.

1. You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Did you know you can take someone with you on your driving test? While it’s not for everyone, many people choose to take their instructors with them when they take their test. While they can’t input on the test in anyway, you may feel a sense of moral support in having them there. It also means that if you do fail, they can help provide feedback and offer a training plan to lead you up to your next attempt.

2. You Don’t Have to Chat

While examiners are unlikely to be particularly chatty, allowing you to concentrate, you may find that they do ask some small talk questions at the start. However, you don’t have to chat at any point. You don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable silence; the examiner will not expect you to talk and won’t find you rude if you choose to drive in complete quiet.

3. You Won’t Fail if You Stall

The thought of stalling on your test may make you feel sick, but it’s actually not as damaging as you think. As long as you keep a cool head, correct yourself calmly and safely then it shouldn’t make a difference at all. If you’re worried that stalling will be an issue you can speak to your instructor leading up to the test for some extra tips and advice on clutch control.

If there’s anything you are particularly worried about, always speak to your instructor. They will have the answers and advice to help. If you’re looking for driving schools in Croydon, contact Apex today to see how we can help.