5 ways to relax before your exam

Driving exams are a source of a lot of anxiety and stress prior to actually taking the test. But, your instructor would not have suggested you take the test unless you were ready, so the only thing to do is relax, you’ve got this!

Of course, that is easier said than done, you can want to be as relaxed as can be but those pesky nerves don’t always follow what you want. So, try out of a few of these handy techniques for making sure you are in the right frame of mind for your exam!

1. Watch TV

Watching TV, reading a book or just browsing the internet can be a great way to distract your brain from the test ahead. Dwelling on it is the biggest source of stress and so something that takes your focus away from the test ahead is a perfect way to relax. The funnier the better too, it will put you in a good mood and help create a positive attitude for the experience!

five ways to relax before your exam

2. Eat a Full Meal

Taking a test on an empty stomach is always strongly ill-advised in school exams, and driving exams are no different. You need brain fuel in order to have the best focus possible for your test. Eating something before your test will help you keep your concentration. A Full English isn’t necessary; a nice banana will do the job!

5 ways to calm yourself before your exam

3. Have a Hot Drink

A nice cup of tea to relax nerves is never a bad idea. Something more caffeinated, such as coffee, may be a bad idea and put you on edge. But, something soothing like a fruit tea or even a comforting hot chocolate might be just the ticket on your relaxation journey.

top 5 tricks to relax before your exam

4. Pretend It’s Just Another Lesson

Is there really much of a difference between a standard lesson and an exam? One is marked, sure, but you are simply following instructions as you usually would with an examiner in the passenger seat instead of an instructor. So just pretending that it’s no different is a great strategy for battling those nerves before and making the exam go that much more smoothly?

top five ways to relax before your exam

5. Tell Yourself You’re Ready!

A little bit of positive reinforcement and a little self-pep talk can be exactly what you need. The only person doubting yourself is you; any instructor who puts you forward for the test believes you are ready so it’s a good idea to tell that to the little self-doubting voice in the back of your head.

If you are just starting on the road to your driving lesson and not quite at the test ready stage you need a reliable and quality instructor, able to guide you through and teach you all the necessary things to pass your test. So, contact us today on 020 8647 048 to discuss your options!