what to do if you can’t get through your driving test

You take lessons, sit your test and pass – even if it takes a few attempts. This is the way it goes, right? But what if you are consistently failing your test and feel like you should just give up?

Believe it or not, this is not as uncommon as you might think. Many people just simply can’t seem to get through their test and although it can be frustrating, it is important not to let it get you to the point of giving up. Here are some ways to tackle your driving test, so you get the positive result you want.

1.Why are You Failing?

There are, of course, reasons why you are failing, so it is important to look into these in more detail. Do you feel confident that you know what you’re doing? Are you persistently failing on the same areas? Are nerves getting the better of you? Before you can tackle your test, you need to know why you can’t seem to pass. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to get a positive result when you take your test again.

2.Change Instructors

You may have an excellent driving instructor, but his or her learning techniques, may just not be working for you. Maybe your instructor is giving you too much guidance during the lessons, so you are not equipped to go off on your own during the test. It doesn’t mean they are a bad instructor, but if you are failing time and time again, a new instructor with different learning techniques may be just what you need.

3.Keep it Quiet

Many learners pile pressure on themselves by telling everyone they know that they’re sitting their test and this can actually lead to failure. If you are aware that you will need to go back to everyone and tell them you didn’t pass, it can put unnecessary stress on you. Instead, don’t tell anyone about sitting your test or at least keep the date to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much of a relief this can be, and you can just focus entirely on yourself.

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