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Thrilled to get that legal ticket to drive? Driving Lessons is your First Step

Living in a fast world, one must have many life skills to live hassle-free, one of which is driving. Almost everyone owns a car to make it easier to travel from place to place, and you should do too. Before that, learning to drive must be your top priority and skill you must carry for a lifetime.

On the road, seeing drivers handle their cars effortlessly may raise the misunderstanding that learning to drive can be done with the snap of a finger. You are synchronising your hands and legs to control the car and keep the momentum going. So, it takes more than one class to determine how it is done.

Driving schools offer comprehensive driving lessons that comprise all the basics you must cover to gain driving experience. If you are a beginner, then learning from how each part functions to practice using them can be a comprehensive process to partake in. But what more than learning from the gurus themselves?

Learning to drive and getting your first-ever driver’s license is only the trailer for what is to come. Take a car for yourself, and practice what you learn daily on familiar roads and slowly to busy streets. Your effort from the very start determines how long it will take you to gain your driving experience. It can take years for some, months or days for others. So, take driving lessons diligently and experience the feel of driving.

Manual vs Automatic Driving Lessons

You may have already figured out the difference between manual and automatic cars; one uses a clutch and gearbox to manoeuvre the vehicle’s speed while the other is automatically set to do so, so the clutch is absent, whereas the gearbox isn’t. Driving lessons come differently for both car categories of cars; thus, learning either can help you learn the other pretty quickly. Here’s a quick briefing on the difference between manual and automatic driving lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons

  • Knowing the Pedals and hand levers- Remember we said driving utilising your hands and legs to maintain the momentum? This is what we were coming to. The three pedals, brake, accelerator, and clutch, control the speed of your vehicle, while the levers, gearbox and hand brake operate when the car moves and in which setting.
  • Acquainting the Steering Wheels- It can be tempting to only use one hand when using the steering wheel. But it is essential that you try and always keep both hands on the wheel while driving. This ensures that you always have complete control over the vehicle.
  • Put theory into practice- You will learn to shift the gears to move forward or reverse the car. Once on the road, you will use the rest of the gears to drive the car at different momentums.

Automatic Driving Lessons

  • All the Basics from a manual car minus gearbox and clutch- Automatic cars do not have a clutch. The gearbox is automated to work independently depending on the vehicle’s speed. So, you will learn to use the brakes and accelerator and occasionally use the gears.
  • Brakes as Clutch- To motion the car forward or backward, you will step on the brakes and change the gears from neutral to ‘D’, drive, or ‘R’, reverse. This is one of the slightest changes from manual cars. On the road, you will not have to be concerned about shifting the gears to keep up with your pace.

Driving Lessons- A booster to your skill

Driving has essentially become a necessary life skill that you must give significant consideration to. Unlike olden times, we do not have to depend on public transport to reach places when we can own and drive a car. However, hitting the road with less driving experience can be risky. When there is innumerable access to effective driving lessons, you do not have to suffer the lack of professional guidance.
Driving lessons allow you to develop countless positive aspects of your life.

  • Convenience
  • Fewer Travel Expenses
  • Confidence as a driver to yourself and your loved ones
  • Become a better part of your social life

Looking For Reliable Driving Lessons? Check Out Apex Driving School

Learning to drive is a significant life event and a lifelong experience. To have a driving school understand how important this is for you than just another regular day is rare to find. At Apex Driving School, we have seen learners enter with high hopes and a light in their eyes to experience driving. Our driving lessons cover the basics and advanced levels of driving and train until the learner has the confidence to pass their test.

Instead of waiting for your turn, you can simply block your booking and get expert driving lessons taught in a safe environment. Getting accustomed to a car by yourself can take longer than learning at an experienced driving school. We identify where you lack as a driver and prepare appropriate driving lessons to build confidence behind those wheels.