when you need to change your instructor

If you have failed your practical test a couple of times or more, you will probably be feeling disheartened and may even be considering giving up completely. However, you should keep going as you will eventually pass and all the pain will be worth it. If you keep making silly mistakes during your test, it might be worth considering a change of instructor.

These are some signs it may be worth looking at other Driving schools in Croydon.

1.Losing Patience

Is your instructor losing patience with you? Do you feel nervous and uptight during your lessons? If this is the case, you might want to consider making a change. A good instructor will stay patient with you at all time, so that when it comes to your test time, you will feel relaxed and confident in your own abilities.

2.Constant Instructions

It is a habit many instructors get into, but at the level you are now at, your instructor shouldn’t be giving you too many instructions. The reason for this is that you get very little instructions during your test, so it may mean that you are not quite prepared for these exam conditions. Your instructor should only instruct you when necessary. It may be worth having a discussion with them first if you are otherwise happy with their training.

3.Saying Nothing

In many ways, saying nothing is worse than getting constant instructions. There really is a fine line! Your instructor should let you know about any mistakes you have made, either during the lesson or after it, as otherwise, how are you supposed to improve? If your instructor is simply sitting and ‘going along for the ride’, it might be worthwhile looking at a change.

when do you need to change your driving instructor

4.Too Busy

It may be that you failed your test as you have simply not had enough practice leading up to the test. Some people get additional support from friends or family, while others rely solely on their instructor for all their driving experience. If your instructor seems to be too busy for lessons and you feel you are not getting enough training, it might be worth looking at other options.

If you need a reliable and quality instructor, able to guide you through and teach you all the necessary things to pass your test. So, contact us today on 020 8647 0486 to discuss your options!