driving in heavy rain

When we are conducting our driving lessons in Croydon, it’s imperative to be aware of the different aspects of driving that people fear the most. This enables us to be able to offer relevant tips to tackle the situation safely. At this time of year, one of the more prevalent fears isn’t Christmas shoppers – although they’re a feisty breed – it is in fact driving in heavy rain.

Heavy rain makes road conditions treacherous for a series of reasons. Not only can it reduce visibility significantly, it also reduces the impact that brakes have, thus increasing the braking distance. So fasten your seatbelt and take heed as we provide you with some valuable information to help make your driving safer when taking to the road in heavy rain.

Is It Essential?

First of all, it is worth deciding if your journey is essential. If it isn’t, and it can wait, then it’s best to prevent having to drive in it at all.

1.Check Your Car

Before you take to the road, make sure you check that your car is in tip top condition; ensure that the windscreen wiper blades are in good condition, that your tyres are fully inflated and that your lights are working.

2.Dip Your Lights

When you’re sure your car is working perfectly and you’ve taken to the road, make sure that you dip your lights so that other drivers can see you better, rather than being blinded. Likewise, don’t use your rear fog lights as these can make your brake lights more difficult to see.

3.Reduce Your Speed

It’s important to keep your speed well within the legislated limit as well as making sure that there is a significant gap between yourself and the person in front of you. This is essential in order to compensate for the increased braking time.

4.Beware Deep Water

If you drive through deep water you risk causing some serious damage to your vehicle, so take special care to avoid it. Equally, don’t drive through standing water at speed as your tyres can lose traction and you can lose control.

how to drive in heavy rain

Driving in heavy rain isn’t pleasant for even the most experienced of drivers, so if you don’t need to venture out in it… don’t. It’s important to exercise commonsense when you are driving, so make sure you flex it! If however you are in the position where you are looking to learn to drive, or would like to speak to one of our team of expert drivers, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us on 020 8647 0486, where we are always eager to help you take to the road safely.