3 driving resolutions for 2016

At Apex Driving School we pride ourselves on our dedication to your education. As one of the top driving schools in Croydon, we continually strive to offer only the finest levels of service; whether that’s through conducting driving lessons or through our up-to-date blog, we only ever aim for the best.

Well, with the dawning of a New Year comes a desire for self-improvement. Resolutions are a classic way to help you focus this desire, and when it comes to taking to the road or looking after your car, there are certainly several resolutions that we would assign to folks on a regular basis! So, see if you can spot yourself in any of the resolutions below and maybe set yourself the target of taking one (or all!) of them on!

1.Exercise Patience!

Far too often we see people getting frustrated on the road. Road rage is a classic issue for drivers, but why let it endanger you and your passengers or, at the very least, spoil your drive? If you’re faced with a driver who is blatantly showing a disregard for the rules of the road, it can be infuriating, but just reign in your temper. In two minutes the whole palaver will all be over, and you’ll be looking back at yourself thinking, “Well, that was an over-reaction!”

2.Check Under Your Bonnet

The best way to check that everything underneath your bonnet is in working condition is to simply take a peep! It’s important to check that your oil and other fluid levels are correct; along with your fuel, these are the lifeblood of your vehicle and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A simple glance is all it takes, so make sure you set time aside to check.


Now… be honest. How often have you had to do the degrading apology for the condition of your car? All too often, we bet! Not only does it keep your car in good condition, all the excess weight lurking around in your backseats and boot will be consuming fuel unnecessarily. So save yourself some of those hard earned pennies and keep hold of your dignity by giving your car a spruce.

new driving resolutions

You would think that they wouldn’t be too hard to stick to, but let’s see where you are when it comes to February! We believe in you! However, if you are in the position that one of your New Year resolutions includes learning to drive, then we’re your guys! All you have to do is get in touch. You can contact our team on 020 8647 0486, where we are always eager to get you taking to the road safely.