learning to drive when you’re over 30

Learning to drive is a rite of passage. You pass your test when you’re 18 and have the freedom of the road for the rest of your adult life. But for some people, learning to drive when you’re a teenager just doesn’t happen – you might have had an incident that knocked your confidence, not been able to afford lessons or simply never needed to learn.

But what if you decide to learn to drive when you’re older?

1.Why You Can Learn When You’re Older

You have two very important things going for you when you learn to drive later in life, confidence and awareness. Your confidence will help you get the most out of the learning process and all those years as a passenger mean you’ll have great awareness of hazards and driver behaviour.

2.You’ll Need a Few More Lessons

There’s a simple rule of thumb about how many lessons you’ll need. A 17 year old clutching their provisional licence will need on average 30 hours of lessons. In your 30s you can add another 10 hours, in your 40s you’ll need 50 hours and so on. Unfortunately, as we age our reactions also get slower. But don’t let that put you off – take your Driving lessons Croydon and we’ll soon have you driving like a pro!

driving lessons for old age drivers

3.Tips for Older Drivers

To be honest, the advice we give you won’t be any different to the advice we give any learner:

• Make sure you get on with your driving instructor – you’ll be spending a lot of time together so it’s important you develop a good working relationship
• Automatic or manual – passing a manual test means you can drive any car, but automatics are significantly easier to drive and you’ll take less time to pass your test
• Take regular lessons – learning to drive is a big commitment, so set aside at least one day every week for lessons

Now you’re a grown-up, you’re capable of making wise decisions and learning to drive is one of the wisest. Contact us and we’ll soon have you out on the road, whatever your age!