why your driving licence is priceless

Whether you’re 17 or 77 when you pass your test, getting your driving licence is a real milestone and having that piece of paper in your hand can be absolutely priceless. So how can you measure just how valuable your driving licence is? Let’s look at the evidence.

Increase Your Employment Opportunities

By taking your driving lessons in Croydon and passing your test, you’ve already opened up a world of employment possibilities. Many employers ask specifically for a driving licence, partially because of the skills you need to demonstrate to get one – concentration, focus and the ability to perform a complex sequence of actions with ease.

Boost Your Financial Security

While you wouldn’t want to pass your test solely to become an Uber driver, there’s no doubt that driving on a casual basis can provide some much needed financial security when that unexpected bill drops through the letterbox. And driving on a regular basis in different types of environments, from town traffic to motorways and the open road, can help reinforce and hone the skills that you learnt at driving school.

Live a Fuller Family Life

When you’re part of a happy family unit, a driving licence can take you places – quite literally. You’ll open up a world of exciting and enriching day trips, short breaks and family holidays where you get to spend quality time together. And being able to drive eases the day to day running of your family life too, from the school run to after-school activities.

Enjoy the Freedom

With bus and train fares always on the rise, commuting by car is a very attractive alternative. Although the initial outlay on a vehicle, insurance and taxes and the ongoing cost of petrol and maintenance can mount up, commuting by car gives you freedom and convenience that public transport can’t match. If you want to go to the gym after work, just throw your kit in the boot and go. Need to pick up some shopping? It’s a breeze when you don’t have to carry heavy bags home on public transport.

If you’re looking for driving schools in Croydon so you can start to enjoy all the benefits of a licence for yourself, then contact us and we’ll have you driving in no time.